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By José Ignacio Hualde, Jon Ortiz de Urbina

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Because the merely surviving pre-Indo-European language of western Europe, Basque has frequently attracted the curiosity of linguists. while, often, descriptive paintings on Basque has essentially desirous about morphological positive aspects, together with its advanced procedure of verb-argument contract and its strict ergative trend of inflection, over the past twenty years a brand new iteration of Basque linguists has produced very subtle, theoretically-informed paintings on many points of the syntax, morphology and phonology of the language, revealing, for example, a strategy of focalization with many attention-grabbing houses and the lifestyles in a few dialects of an accentual approach strikingly just like that of ordinary jap. The booklet, bringing jointly this amassed wisdom at the constitution of Basque, is significantly extra entire than the other latest grammar of the language. one other attention-grabbing characteristic of this grammar is that the outline is illustrated with fully-glossed examples extracted from quite a few written assets. even though the focal point is the trendy general language, dialectal gains are thought of intimately and examples are taken from all dialects and classes.

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Instead, this status was reserved first for Latin and then for the Navarrese Romance variety, which developed in the southeast of the Kingdom, and the Occitan of speakers of this language who were brought by the kings to settle in the towns. Inscriptions from Roman times containing proper names which are unmistakably Basque are abundant west of the Garonne river in France, in the territory of the Aquitanians (the Garonne has its source in the Aran Valley, cf. Basque [hjaran 'valley'). To give a couple of examples, these inscriptions include the elements CISSON (= Basque gizon 'man') and ANDERE (= Basque andere 'woman') in names of persons of the appropriate gender (see Gorrochategui 1984, 1995).

G. mendirantz 'towards the mountain' but mendiranzko 'of towards the mountain'; beltz 'black' but belztu 'become black, p r f ' . g. esne 'milk', ahizpa 'sister of a woman', gaixto 'bad, evil', ixtorio 'story, tale' (*etzne, etc). g. hotz 'cold', hoztu 'become cold, prf', hitz 'word' + tegi 'place' -> hiztegi 'dictionary', itx-i 'to close', ixten 'to close, impf' (cf. 8). g. esne [ezne] 'milk'. g. mahats 'grape', latz 'rough', maiz 'often', arnas 'breath'. The distribution of apico- and lamino-alveolar fricatives and affricates is summarized in table 7.

Heltii 'arrive', pharkatü 'forgive', kobesatii 'confess'. /R/. Zuberoan has a nasalized laryngeal aspiration restricted to the intervocalic position. It has resulted from the historical deletion of intervocalic /n/ (a phenomenon common to all Basque dialects). Nasalized /fi/ and oral /h/ are found in phonemic contrast in Zuberoan: ehe 'no', ehe 'washing water', aMte 'duck', ähal 'to be able', mihi 'tongue', blhi 'grain', aRizpa 'sister of woman', zohi 'ripe'. /B/ is always flanked by nasalized vowels (other nasal consonants also trigger bidirectional nasalization of flanking vowels in Zuberoan).

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