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Moseten belongs to the small, unclassified language kin Mosetenan and is spoken via approximately 800 humans within the foothills of the Bolivian Andes and the adjacent lowland zone. This publication presents a grammatical description of Moseten within the kind of a descriptive reference grammar. it's in response to the author's wide fieldwork in Bolivia and is meant to be entire and geared toward linguists from all backgrounds. Belonging to an unclassified language relatives, Moseten is of designated curiosity to typologists, historic linguists, touch linguists and South Americanists. The grammar is split right into a bankruptcy on phonology (2.) and 6 chapters at the morphology: morphological procedures (3.) the nominal process (4.), pronouns and reference (5.), adjectives and adverbs (6.), quantification (7.) and the verbal method (8.). those chapters are by means of voice (9.), negation (10.) and modality and discourse markers (11.). ultimately, there are syntactically orientated chapters on clause kinds (12.) and clause combos (13.). within the appendix, 3 forms of texts, an inventory of morphemes, a listing of references and additional bibliographical notes are additional. in addition, there's an index. This grammar is the 1st obtainable and finished description of a Mosetenan language.

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Furthermore, few people and families speak Tacana, Chimane and Chipaya. e. usually Aymara people) live. 2. Sociolinguistics The sociolinguistic situations of the speakers of Moseten and Chimane are very different. MosetCn of Covendo has around 600 speakersg and MosetCn of Santa Ana has between 150 and 200 speakers. I0 Apart from the differences in number, Chimane is supposed to be one of the few languages in Bolivia that still has a growing number of speakers, whereas both MosetCn variants are slowly disappearing.

I carried out fieldwork four times: July-August 1999 January- April 2000 July-September 2000 January - February 2002 (1 month) (4 months) (2 months) (2 months) MosetCn region La Paz, MosetCn region La Paz, Cochabamba Cochabamba On my first, preliminary fieldtrip in 1999, I introduced myself to the Mosetenes and met a number of people interested in linguistic work. I stayed in Covendo, and visited Santa Ana, recording different types of language data. I worked with Adan Misange, Ruth Misange, Casiana Wasna and Cleto Tahe in Covendo and Dario Chairique and Juan Josesito in Santa Ana.

Many young people try to find other types of work, supported by various educational projects (such project OSCAR, set up by Franciscan priests). In this way, many young people are educated forest keepers, who try to avoid a complete deforestation of the area. Some people also earn money as workmen for farmers. Most men can read and write, while many women of the older generation are illiterate. Young people all read and write. The MosetCn organization OPIM has funds for education of exceptional students, but only few people have a good education.

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