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G. δικαίως justly ή δ έως sweetly πάντως wholly Note the following neuters (either singular or plural) used as adverbs: πολύ, πολλά much μέγα, μεγάλα greatly (also μεγάλως) μόνον only Note the following: μάλα σφόδρα τάχα άνω κάτω έγγύς εύ very very much, exceedingly quickly, perhaps above beneath, below near well Comparison of adverbs The comparative of an adverb is regularly the neuter acc. singular of the comparative adjective, and its superlative is the neuter acc. plural of the superlative adjective: σοφώς wisely ταχέως quickly Note also: μάλα much ευ well 0 Comparative Superlative σοφώτερον more wisely θάττον more quickly σοφότατα most wisely τάχιστα very quickly μάλλον more άμεινον better μάλιστα very much άριστα very well Remember the idiom ώς with the superlative (= as ~ as possible): ώς τάχιστα as quickly as possible.

Acc. plural nom. gen. dat. acc. n. e. g. ά-λογος (irrational), έπί-σημος (remarkable), εΰ-ξενος (hospitable), καλλί-νΐκος (gloriously triumphant). They are called two-termination adjectives. | Attic declension Stems in -ω (two terminations) ίλεως gracious m. & f. singular nom. ΐλε-ως gen. ϊλε-ω dat. ϊλε-ω ΐλε-ων acc. plural nom. gen. dat. acc. η. ΐλε-ων ΐλε-ων ΐλε-α ΐλε-φ ΐλε-ων ΐλε-φς ΐλε-ως ΐλε-α Note 1 In the poets, the form ΐλαος -ov (gracious) will be met. 2 πλέως (full) has three terminations, the feminine in -a.

Acc. χαρίεις χαρίεντ-ος χαρίεντ-ι χαρίεντ-α χαρίεσσ-α χαριέσσ-ης χαριέσσ-η χαρίεσσ-αν χαρίεν χαρίεντ-ος χαρίεντ-ι χαρίεν plural nom. gen. dat. acc. χαρίεντ-ες χαριέντ-ων χαρίεσι(ν) χαρίεντ-ας χαρίεσσ-αι χαριεσσ-ών χαριέσσ-αις χαριέσσ-άς χαρίεντ-α χαριέντ-ων χαρίεσι(ν) χαρίεντ-α Note This is a very rare class of adjectives in Attic. The voc. sg. masculine is χαρίεν. παυσθείς having been stopped (aorist passive participle of παύω I stop) m. f. η. singular nom. gen. dat. acc. παυσθείς παυσθέντ-ος παυσθέντ-ι παυσθέντ-α παυσθεϊσ-α παυσθείσ-ης παυσθείσ-η παυσθείσ-αν παυσθέν παυσθέντ-ος παυσθέντ-ι παυσθέν plural nom.

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