Download e-book for iPad: A Student Grammar of Euskara by Jon D. Patrick & Ilari Zubiri Ibarrondo

By Jon D. Patrick & Ilari Zubiri Ibarrondo

ISBN-10: 3895864447

ISBN-13: 9783895864445

This e-book is a realistic instruction manual of the grammar of the basque language. it's aimed toward the 1st 3 years of a college basque language curriculum. The e-book is equipped at the vast subject different types outlined through HABE as very important for the 1st four degrees of basque language competence. The authors' event of attending periods on the better degrees of 5-12 were drawn directly to make sure the rest most typical language beneficial properties pupil may be uncovered to on the street, from tv programmes, newspapers and radio. Competency in the entire contents of the booklet may make certain a pupil used to be on the uppermost finish of the size of 2d language speaker competency. a special function of the textual content is its explanatory variety. every one subject is mentioned after which a chain of sentence examples in basque are offered besides their english translation. In overall there are approximately 2300 instance pairs of sentences within the e-book. Importantly each one instance is used to target a specific element of the language. to help the scholar distinct notes are additional to English translations to provide an explanation for edition within the translation from the literal shape. The publication additionally includes a set of Appendices of the auxiliary verb pardigms in a clearest structure but released. additionally it includes a set of Appendices of the most typical types of compound and artificial verbs. Chapters: 1. PHONETICS - FONETIKA. 2. advent TO MORPHOLOGY - MORFOLOGIARI SARRERA. three. DECLENSION - DEKLINABIDEA. four. MORPHOLOGY - MORFOLOGIA. five. THE VERB - ADITZA. 6. SYNTAX - SINTAXIS. 7. NOTIONS / components - NOZIOAK

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For/to whom? { pI , } for/to what? to which? to how many ? Normal l y, to name this declcnsion case, either NORI or ZERI would be used, dcpending on whether the use refers to peoplc or objects respectively. 3. 2. WORD ORDER Hitzen Ordena - lt is important to understand that the dcclensions are placed at the end. that is, on the last word in the noun phrase. Hencc thcy are found attached to nouns, adjectives , pronouns and determincrs. For example: mutilA mutil HAUEK mutil BAT mutil altuA mutil altu BAT mutil altu eta sendo BAT mutilARI mutil HAUEI mutil BATI mutil altuARI mutil altu BATI mutil altu eta sendo BATI 3.

THE ARTICLE Artikulua - The artiele in Euskara is not exactly the same as in English and what the English speaker would caIl the definite artiele is used in a wider range of contexts in Euskara than in Engli sh. The artiele in Euskara is automaticaIly added to most noun phrases when they have no other determiner and, it cannot be used alongside any other determiner. That said, it is stiII possible to identify two types of artieles in Euskara. It is just that the definite arti­ ele is used sometimes when the indefinite artiele or no artiele is used in English .

PHONETICS Fonetika - The formal eategori zation of phonemes i n Euskara i s presented below using the Interna­ tional Phonctie Alphabet (IPA). The study or Euskara's phonology is weB developed and detailed descriptions can be found in Hualde, ( 1 99 1 ) and SaltoreBi, ( 1 988) (see introduc­ tion). The eharacter i s the on ly one that causes serio us eoneern for the new learner as it is manifest in up to 7 di lTerent sounds depending on what part of the country you are in. 2. WORD ACCENT Azentua - The aeeent or word stress in Euskara has an interesting rhythm and is different to the English one.

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